Instructor: Mark Allison; additional $45 fee for airplane supplies

Discover how full size airplanes and model airplanes fly.  Build a rubber-powered plane for outdoor flights and flying in large indoor spaces.  Learn how to adjust the model for its longest flight times and how to use thermal updrafts to fly higher. Become skilled at using modeling tools so you will be able to build more complex planes later and will know how to adjust them.  Basic skills of coordination, the ability to listen and to follow instructions are required for maximum benefit from this class.



    Instructor: Leetra Taylor; additional $5 supply fee

Develop your art skills by creating incredible collages using various materials.    


Creature Creation

    Instructor: Leetra Taylor; additional $5 fee for supplies

Make silly sock creatures, space aliens, fun monsters, or a clever little food character made from felt -- a perfect way to express your creativity.


Zoology: A Diversity Of Species

     Instructor: Hollie Bates

Are you inspired by the diverse and unique animals of Earth? In zoology class you will learn about a different group of animals each week, and handle live animals. We will study arthropods, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, along with examining how scientists classify and name these animals.


Discover Mexico

    Instructor: Jeanette Brudvig; additional $5 fee for supplies

Explore the culture of Mexico through song and dance.  Have fun doing Mexican arts and crafts and sampling tasty treats. Play traditional games and learn a little Spanish along the way. Join in as we discover and learn about our neighbors south of the border.


Drawing and Design 

    Instructor: Mark Allison

Using simply pencils and paper, learn to draw and design. Learn the principles and elements of design by doing abstract geometric designs, realistic drawing, perspective, scaled drawings, and shaded drawings. At the completion of the class you will have increased your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings.


LEGO Construction Challenge 

    Instructor: Josh Worden

Explore structure through the interlocking LEGO brick. Work with LEGOS to discover architecture, organization, pattern and arrangement. Create unique structures and follow directions for LEGO sets. Explore various building materials to gain perspective on what constitutes an architecturally strong structure.


Marimba Madness

    Instructor: Jeanette Brudvig

Come play in a real Marimba Band! Have fun playing a student-sized marimba while learning the music and rhythms from around the world. A performance on the final day will wow your parents and friends.


Math Mysteries

    Instructor: Elton Kikuta

Become a math detective by solving challenging mathematical mysteries. Discover important clues that help decipher the most perplexing problems.


Rockin' Recorder

    Instructor: Jeanette Brudvig; additional $10 fee for recorder (waived if you bring one)

Learn to play the recorder and the basics of reading music. You'll master many different songs and impress your family and friends with a performance on the final day.